Singaporean Update and Poll

I have received a number of emails inquiring about when I am going to post Part II explaining Singaporean accounting. I want you to know a number of things. First, I am hard at work on the matter and hope to post as soon as possible. Second, this is a very complex and time consuming task to assemble the data and proof to present this in a credible manner. When I am going to present these specific accusations, I want to be detailed and provide the necessary information to prove my point. Third, for those of you who have followed what I have written about Singapore and know the history of “unknown” hackers I have had to deal with, I have been dealing with even greater “complications” in this last part. When the time is right, I will detail the “complications” I have encountered but for the moment, let’s just say that it is quite amazing. I promise to provide detail once the work is completed.

For the moment, I am preparing another interesting post and for that I would appreciate your help. Please take part in the poll below answering one very simple question. Pass it around and ask others to vote. It will only take two mouse clicks and will greatly help. Thanks and I will be posting the answer to this question on Monday next week.

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